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Want a commission?

Interested in commissioning a piece of artwork?  I'll draw most anything with a reference to what the characters look like or how you want them to pose... but I can also draw original characters with detailed descriptions of how they look, what they wear, etc.


Pencil Sketch: $4

This is a sketch done in pencil with no ink.

Inked: $6

This is art is drawn in pencil first then traced in ink.  (Then of course the pencil is erased.)

Full Color: $20-25

This is art done in full color with Copic Markers.  The markers are very expensive which reflects the price!  I DO NOT do backgrounds at this time with copic markers.  I can upon request do a digital solid or abstract background..

Digital Art: $15-20

Digital art is done via Photoshop 4.0 and Open Canvas. 

You can recieve the art these ways:

E-mail: Free

Shipped within the USA: $1.50

Shipped overseas: $3.00


 I have the right to display any commissioned work on any of my portfolios!  I have the right to turn down any commissions for any reason, but I will try my best not to turn them down.

YES!! I do draw hentai, yaoi, furries, futanari... just ask and I'll see what I can do!

You must use a Paypal account to receive any adult oriented art.  I will NOT ship it to anyone other than the address Paypal gives me!

Type of Art:
Payment Type: