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Hi there!  Welcome to Pocky Art! 

I'm a freelance artist up for commission for anime and manga related art!

This is my gallery of example artwork plus information on commissions and conventions!  I'll draw most anything with good reference!!  I also do original characters from description!  Just ask and I'll see what I can do!


4-30-2010 One new art added to the Digital Art section.  Direct link to the art here.

4-29-2010 I have officially left DeviantArt.  The Traditional Art section is now transfered to this website.  Thanks for waiting!

4-20-2010 A new section has been added.  It is the "Doll Gallery".  In this section you will find photos from Ball-Jointed Doll meet ups.  I only have the recent meet up listed currently, but later I want to add some older photos... and new ones in the future!   Also, I still haven't transfered the Traditional Art section from Livejournal.  Things have been really busy!! 

04-09-2010 I am moving files!!  Actually I am going to be transfering my art to my web page host instead of using LiveJournal's image gallery.  I am not finished yet.  The only difference will be that the "Digital" and "Oekaki" art sections. They look different now.  The Traditional Art is still in it's old look, but I will change it when I get some more time.  Also a few new arts have been randomly added into the Digital Section. 

04-03-2010 I updated the Conventions section.

02-0702010  New art has been added to the digital art section!  Please go check it out!!  ^_^